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1. What is Dixio Desktop?

It is a computer program offering definitions, translations and encyclopedic content to help you understand better what you are reading. It does this in such away you do not lose the gist of what you are reading. You simply press the Windows key + click on the main button of the mouse, with the cursor over the word or expression you want to understand. In addition, this is done taking into account the context to provide you with the best meaning.

2. Why is Dixio better than other similar programs from other companies?

Dixio uses the latest technology in language processing, it offers rapid searches in context and recognises the different forms of the words, not just the entries that appear in the dictionaries. This means Dixio responds more and with greater precision than other programs.

3. Is Dixio a spell-checker?

Dixio is not an automatic spell-checker, although it does provide alternatives to common errors if you press a combination of key and mouse button over the word in question.

4. Is Dixio an automatic translator?

No, Dixio is not an automatic translator, but it offers translations that are much more precise because it is able to analyse the context of the words.

5. Can texts or documents be translated with Dixio Desktop?

Dixio Desktop is a context-specific dictionary that uses the Semantix language engine to provide you with the best definition or translation of a word or phrase. Although Dixio Desktop is not a translator, its paid version is capable of translating phrases or short paragraphs.

6. Why do I have to register to use Dixio?

We need you to register to show the best results according to your preferences and more common activities. Also, since you can access Dixio from different PCs, registering is the only way we can always offer you the results you need.

6. Why can’t it work without the Internet?

Dixio uses a large number of sources of information (dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias). It would not be practical to download such a large volume of data to each of your computers.
Furthermore, Dixio is constantly updating its external data sources, such as wikipedias, and this can’t be done from the user’s computer.
Thirdly, all its language and contextual semantic procedures require the processing power of our own servers.

7. Why pay annually?

To be able to offer you a service that is as cheap and as useful as possible, we prefer to charge annually so that each year you can decide if our services continue to be useful to you. Also, we have to renew the rights of the different editors over Dixio content on an annual basis and transfer them to paid users.


1. How can I get Dixio Desktop in my PC?

All you have to do is download it from our Web. Then install it by double-clicking on the file you downloaded.

2. I can’t install it. An error message appears. What is the problem?

In the majority of cases this is because the download was incomplete. Try downloading it again and if the problem persists, get in touch with us.

3. What operating systems support Dixio?

It works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 – both 32 and 64 bits.

4. When will the new version 2.0 for Mac and Linux be available?

We are working in the improvements of the versions of Dixio Desktop for Mac and Linux. We will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can use the prior version, which is available in our Web.

5. On what programs does Dixio Desktop work? For example, does it work with Word?

Yes, Dixio works on almost all the programs you have in your PC, including Microsoft Office (Word) and Open Office. Once you have installed Dixio in your PC, you need only press the Windows key along with the main button on your mouse to obtain the definition and/or translation of the word under the cursor.

6. Can I install over a network?

For mutli-user installations, we provide a pre-configured Msi installer for the company network. Thus, it is possible to install Dixio remotely and in a transparent fashion for the end user.

7. I access the network using a Proxy. How do I configure my password?

From the “Connection Options” menu, you can introduce your user and network password.

8. I access the network using a Proxy. How do I configure access?

From the Start window, you can access the “Tools > Settings > Connection” menu where you can configure your access in a standard fashion.

9. I do not have an Internet connection. How can I use Dixio?

Sorry, but the power of Dixio is only available thanks to Internet.


1. In how many languages is Dixio available?

At this moment, we have Dixio in Spanish and English. But we continue working and we will soon offer content in other languages.

2. Where can I see all the content available in the program?

You can see all the content in the menu: “Tools > Settings > Dictionaries” or in the Semantix Web in the section on Content.

3. How can I add more content and dictionaries to my searches?

You can add more dictionaries from the Dixio program. Go to “Tools > Settings > Dictionaries”.

4. Why does Dixio not include the RAE dictionary in its library?

Dixio tries to provide its users with access to as many good sources as possible. If you find that some content that you would like to see is missing from an application, that’s because the publisher or proprietor has decided not to allow them to be used on some Dixio applications or platforms, although it might be available on others.


1. Why do you ask for personal data when registering?

We only ask for your name and e-mail so that your details are not confused with those of another user and we can show you better results based on your preferences and most common actions.

2. What do you use my e-mail for?

We use it to identify your account and save your preferences. We will never supply it to another company, as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

3. Can I change my user details?

Yes, you can always modify your details using the menu: Tools > Settings > My account.

4. How can I change my password?

You can change your password using the menu: Tools > Settings > Password..


1. Dixio has stopped working. How can I solve it?

It is possible that some program has interrupted the Dixio Desktop service. If an icon appears in the system tray (at the bottom right of your screen), click on it with the right-hand button of the mouse and select “Open Dixio”.

2. Dixio is slow to respond. How can I fix it?

Dixio must communicate with our definitions server to answer your request. If you have a slow connection or it is occupied downloading or uploading files, Dixio can be slow in replying. It is also possible your CPU is very occupied with some process in which case try closing down some programs.

3. I have a program that uses Dixio keyboard shortcuts to capture text. Can I change them?

Yes, you can select other key combinations in the menu: Tools > Settings > Preferences. There, you can configure the key and click to search for definitions and the keyboard shortcut to open Dixio.


1. Can I download Dixio eReader Solution for my tablet or e-reader?

Several users of other e-readers and tablets have asked us whether they can download Dixio for their devices, but the application cannot currently be directly downloaded. For the time being, the only devices that have the added value of the smart dictionary are those mentioned above, Movistar bq ereader, Libro electrónico Fnac and Tagus, which come with the program already installed.
However, we are working on making the application available for Android Market and iTunes in the not too distant future, so that all users can download Dixio to their devices


1. How can I upgrade to Dixio Desktop Classic?

You can upgrade to Dixio Desktop Classic from the application itself. See below for a step-by-step guide to upgrading to paid version. of Dixio Desktop for Windows:

  • 1. Download Dixio Desktop. Install the application. Run and initiate a session.
  • 2. From “Tools > Add licenses”.
  • 3. Paste or type the license code you have previously purchased and click "Add".
  • 4. Restart session to apply changes.